Tech Tools

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File and Filesystem Utilities

  • GrepWin - Spectacular search tool. Text and Regex.
  • USBDLM - Will prevent USB drives from using the same letter as network drives... and MORE!!
  • Duplicate Cleaner - Does just what you think. Free!
  • 7-ZIP - UnRAR, Zip/UnZIP, Etc...
  • Richcopy - Super Duper Copier - Resume, threading, schedule, sync, FREE!!!
  • FSCapture- Screen capture and print and edit and save etc... VERY useful. Last Free Version.
  • FSviewer - Best Darn image viewer known to man. Also converts, resizes, etc
  • SequoiaView - Where's all that disk space gone??? AHA!!! (Better tool found - see next item in list)
  • WinDirStat Portable - Even Better than SequoiaView - Adds automatic highlighting, explorerview, more!!
  • TrueCrypt- Create and Use Mountable encrypted Drives. Very secure, easy to use. (admin only)
  • PDF Exchange Portable - View, Mark up, extract text, type directly on PDFs
  • Pismo File Mount Audit Package - Mount ZIP, ISO, CISO, CFS, ISZ, DAA, and PFO files as virtual folders.
  • Search Everything - Standalone portable NTFS search engine, Http/ftp server - instant results ONLY SEARCHES FILENAMES
  • Avira AntiVir Rescue System - Linux-based bootable virus scanner
Network Utils
  • Current Ports- Shows currently open ports, but also process and launch path that has port open
  • Mremote - RDP - full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager. VERY nice.
  • HTTP File Server - Allows a quick Web share of selected files. Security, simplicity.
  • Neutron - One Click and your time is set to atomic clock.
  • Show Traffic - Watches packets on an interface and enumerates the conversations. Simple Monitor.
  • MSRDPCLI- (Microsoft) RDP Client. (98, ME, 2000)
  • Netscan - Quickly identify pingable hosts on a subnet. Find unused IPs. Find specified open ports.
  • TCPView - Another "open ports" util. Slightly different information than "Current Ports" util. Try it.
  • Languard Freeware Scanner - Back when it was still free. The current version rocks, too!

OS or MS Specific

Other Media Utils

  • CDex CD Ripper- Rip straight to MP3. Supports CDDB and Tagging. One Click to run!!!
  • DeepBurner - Basic Burning Utility. Supports burning ISOs as well.
  • MediaInfo - Can't find the right codec to open that video???

System Utils

  • X Mouse Button Control - Let's you remap mouse buttons and wheels - per application if you want
  • Ditto Clipboard Manager - Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. 
  • Depends - No, not adult diapers. Shows DLL dependecies. 
  • WinAudit- Enormous amount of information about a computer. - Saves to HTML and other formats. 
  • CPUz - Detailed CPU/RAM Hardware Info. Priceless. 
  • Magical Jellybean Keyfinder - Dumb name, useful tool. Shows windows and office keys. 
  • Opened Files View - Shows which process has what file open. 
  • DTaskManager - Task manager that can INSTANTLY kill any process. Shows paths as well. 
  • Process Explorer - (Microsoft) Task manager on steroids. More information than you want. 
  • AUTORUNS- Full featured startup manager 
  • AccessEnum - Shows who has WHAT permissions to which folders and files. Nice for security audit. 
  • DiskMon- (Microsoft) Shows all low level disk activity. 
  • FileMon- (Microsoft) Shows not only all file open/writes but ALL requests and success/fail. 
  • RegMon - (Microsoft) Like filemon but for the registry. 
  • ShareEnum - (Microsoft) Finds all open and available shares on a domain or workgroup. 
  • TweakUI- (Microsoft) GUI to adjust registry tweaks. 
  • WinMacro- Record and playback keystrokes, clicks etc. Automate repetitive tasks. 
  • SyncBack Free - Excellent free synchronization/copy tool. Demo commercial version, too! 
  • NONAV - Get rid of SAVCE through 10.x (Netess only) 
  • SMP SeeSaw - Utility that controls how Windows balances the load between two processors. 
  • AHK (AutoHotKey) - Automate damn near anything - hot keys, replacement, scripting, compiling :)
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