Tech Tools

  • Audacity Portable - Audio editor, recorder, converter.
  • Firefox Portable - No install, just click and go.
  • Screamer - Internet radio with EXCELLENT recording capabilities.
  • Sage - Portable dictionary, thesaurus, and anagram engine.

File and Filesystem Utilities

  • GrepWin - Spectacular search tool. Text and Regex.
  • USBDLM - Will prevent USB drives from using the same letter as network drives... and MORE!!
  • Duplicate Cleaner - Does just what you think. Free!
  • 7-ZIP - UnRAR, Zip/UnZIP, Etc...
  • FSCapture- Screen capture and print and edit and save etc... VERY useful. Last Free Version.
  • FSviewer - Best Darn image viewer known to man. Also converts, resizes, etc
  • Pismo File Mount Audit Package - Mount ZIP, ISO, CISO, CFS, ISZ, DAA, and PFO files as virtual folders.
  • Search Everything - Standalone portable NTFS search engine, Http/ftp server - instant results ONLY SEARCHES FILENAMES
Network Utils
  • Current Ports- Shows currently open ports, but also process and launch path that has port open
  • MremoteNG - RDP - full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager. VERY nice.
  • Neutron - One Click and your time is set to atomic clock.
  • Show Traffic - Watches packets on an interface and enumerates the conversations. Simple Monitor.
  • TCPView - Another "open ports" util. Slightly different information than "Current Ports" util. Try it.

System Utils

  • Ditto Clipboard Manager - Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. 
  • Opened Files View - Shows which process has what file open. 
  • DTaskManager - Task manager that can INSTANTLY kill any process. Shows paths as well. 
  • Process Explorer - (Microsoft) Task manager on steroids. More information than you want. 
  • AUTORUNS- Full featured startup manager 
  • AccessEnum - Shows who has WHAT permissions to which folders and files. Nice for security audit. 
  • DiskMon- (Microsoft) Shows all low level disk activity. 
  • FileMon- (Microsoft) Shows not only all file open/writes but ALL requests and success/fail. 
  • RegMon - (Microsoft) Like filemon but for the registry. 
  • ShareEnum - (Microsoft) Finds all open and available shares on a domain or workgroup. 
  • SyncBack Free - Excellent free synchronization/copy tool. Demo commercial version, too! 
  • AHK (AutoHotKey) - Automate damn near anything - hot keys, replacement, scripting, compiling :)

"pinger" is a tool that I scripted as a fancy batch file. Each instance of this utility will start a constant ping to an indicated host. It will only display state changes. So, a new line is displayed (and logged in a CSV file) each time the status changes from one state to another. The duration of a state is also displayed once the state changes. Here's a sample output since pictures describe things so much better than my words...

A "spinner" lets you know something is still happening. A CSV file is generated that includes relevant DATA from the session. Subsequent runs against the same host append to the CSV.

 This script is free to distribute, modify, etc. Download below with the strange little blue "downvote" arrow. There is an example script included called automate.cmd to start pinging multiple hosts at the same time. A text file describes the parameters that can be passed to the script. Only the first parameter is required.

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Chris McKown,
Sep 17, 2018, 7:15 AM